Installation: 4 easy steps

Illustration: how to install Cactus Tree Guards

Step 1

Bend the sheet into a cylindrical shape and secure with a few metal ties.

Photo: bending the Cactus Tree Guard into shape

Step 2

Position the Cactus Tree Guard around the tree or shrub.

Photo: positioning the Cactus Tree Guard around the tree or shrub

Step 3

Install 2 or 3 supports (see more information below):
Option 1
: 3 steel rods or “re-bars”
Option 2
: 2 timber posts can also be used

Photo: installing the posts to support the Cactus Tree Guard

Step 4

Attach the Cactus Tree Guard to the supporting posts. This is a simple and fast process when using the wire ties supplied and the “Easytied” tying drill-bit tool. We supply the metal ties you will need and the Easytied tool, but not the drill!

Photo: securing the Cactus Tree Guard to the supporting posts.

More information about supporting the Cactus Tree Guards

Install 2 or 3 supports:

Option 1: 3 steel rods or concrete reinforcing bars “re-bars” 1.5m or 2m high and 10mm diameter should be knocked in with the rod-hammer tool. The guards may be fixed on the inside or the outside of the re-bars. We think the re-bars are best on the inside.

Option 2: 1 or 2 x 7’6”, 2-3” diameter timber posts can also be used. If timber posts are used the guards must be stapled to the posts which are positioned inside the guard. This is not our preferred method as wooden posts are more likely to break when cattle are pushed against them. Cattle will not choose to push them, but if spooked the herd will drive into them. Re-bars are more flexible and if pushed they will bend and not break or come out of the ground. If the tree is not snapped they will bend back up again.

If you are trying to meet the specification required under TE8 (weld mesh tree guard) of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme (England) you can do this by using 2 Cactus tree guards rolled in the short axis on top of each other or two Cactus tree guards rolled to form two halves of a cylinder. This configuration will give you the 50cm diameter and either 2m height or 1.6m height respectively, as required by the scheme. They can be supported with rebars or timber posts as described.

Installation leaflet

Cactus Tree Guards installation leaflet